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Body Pieces






SR20DE and T OEM Flywheel to Crankshaft Bolts
SR20DE and (T) OEM flywheel to crankshaft bolts (does not fit auto transmission cars): $5 each

SR20VE oil pump, new, never used: $80

333cc injectors from SR20VE, great shape: $150

'91 to '98 Se-r starter: $50

Good shape Se-r alternator with both brackets, P/N 23100-5V410: $40

'91 to '97 Se-r TPS: $35

Real Gti-R rear motor mount bracket, mounts on tranny to firewall, a must for AWD conversion: $20

'91 to '98 Se-r alternator, works: $25

Gti-R turbo outlet pipe: $15

B13 ECU - JWT tuned 8.5/1 compression, Z32 MAF, 72lb. injectors: $500

VVL pistons and rods with rings, great shape, JUST 1 LEFT: $50

Factory det intake valves: $25

Factory det exhaust valves: $30

.25 Oversize ACL Main Bearings: $25

Good shape 2L B14 distributor with wires: $75

91/92 Se-R MAF 53J00: $75

B13/B14 Crane cam plug wires: $20

Good good shape GTi-R stock clutch: $19

Ignitor Chip with bracket: $10

1992 Se-R exhaust cam in good shape: $45

Good shape SR rocker arms: $15 each

Jim Wolf Sr pop charger with filter: $70

B14 A/C Box Evaporator: $15

Factory Gti-R 54c cams. In great condition: $100 a set

Gti-R Intercooler: $60

b14 intake gasket set
B14 intake gasket set: $9

259cc injectors
259cc injectors: $10 each

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b14 manual transmission speed sensor
B14 '95 to '98 SR20DE manual transmission speed sensor: $39

370cc injectors
Four great shape 370cc injectors, great for turboing a DE or replacing your worn out DET ones: $170

vvl tps
VVL TPS: $30

sr20ve distributor
SR20VE Distributor: $50

sr20ve/16ve maf to throttle body tube
SR20VE/SR16VE MAF to throttle body tube: $10

'91-'98 Se-r injectors 259cc: $50

se-r speedo cable
B13 '91-'92 Se-r speedo cable: $45

b13 se-r valve cover
B13 Se-r valve cover - professionally powder coated crinkle red: $70

se-r manifold with egr and aiv delete kit
B13 Se-r intake manifold with EGR and AIV delete kit: $90

se-r rods
'95 Se-r perfect rods with bearings: $40

sr20de block needs boring
SR20DE Block, needs boring, includes main caps: $195

b14 sr distributor
B14 SR distributor with rotor button and cap: $100

B14 distributor with wires
B14 distributor with wires: $100

avinier throttle body
Avinier throttle body: $35

se-r alternator
Se-r alternator: $40

b14 speed sensors
B14 speed sensors...2 available: $25 each

turbo with T3 housing
Turbo with T3 housing possibly off of a Ford: $80

b13 external coil and pack
B13 external coil and coil pack: $10

oil pickup tube
New style oil pickup tube: $15

Gti-r rocker arms
Gti-r Rocker arms, 2 left, one in the eye, 2 in the OH: $30 each

sr clutch to flywheel bolts
SR Clutch to Flywheel Bolts: $2 each

se-r starter
Se-r Starter: $50 we have several of these, so let us know

fwd det oil separator
FWD DET oil separator: $30

95 to 98 distributor, you can't beat this price as you get the distributor, the rotor button and the cap all for $200, we have several of these

power steering pumps available
Need power steering pumps for 1991 - 2002 Sentras and G20s? Call us - we have many different versions here: $40

front wheel drive distributors available
1991 - 2000 Front Wheel Drive Distributors - you want them, we've got them: Range from $40 to $200 - Call us today